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  • Expanding New Ways of Being with Omaji  | Interactive Lightwork, Alignment and Infusions  |   Bi-Monthly Global Livestream

    ExpandingNWOB 2018

    RECEIVE Activations of Light, Attunements and Vibrational Alignment to Support you in Choosing to Embody the Truth and REMEMBERING THAT YOU ARE LIGHT!

    Omaji and The Council of Light will support you in going beyond the illusion of limitation into Remembering that you have access to INFINITE POSSIBILITES!!

    Are you ready to Fully EMBRACE more Joy, Harmony and Abundance in all areas of your your life? Allow The Divine to lift the distortions so you can BE in the experience of your Divine Self!

    *You can Choose to Receive this Vibrational Support every month! Includes TWO LIVE 60 minute group sessions each month.

    Enrollment is now OPEN if you wish to join us in Expanding New Ways of Being -

    *BEGINS on February 4th -To enroll or learn more click here

  • Embody Divine Light   | Wednesday, March 28    |  8:30PM EST/ 5:30PM PST  |   Virtual Group Session

    DivineLight Omaji

    Are you ready to Welcome Infinite Potential as a Way of Being?

    RECEIVE Freedom, Harmony, Peace. Omaji and The Council of Light will share Vibrational Alignment, Activations and Attunements in this Divinely Guided session Elevate your Awareness of What you REALLY ARE and what is actually available to you.

    Are you Ready to REMEMBER your Access to Infinite Possiblity?

    Cost: $44 per person.
    Special: Register Early for $33

    To attend, reserve in advance to ensure a virtual 'seat' is available, click here.

    Location: Attend LIVE Anywhere via Phone (call in) or Web using Zoom

  • Coming Home - Vibrational Elevation Immersion with Omaji   |   April 18-24, 2018    |  Crystal Vortex, AR

    ComingHomeAre you Ready to Embody the Knowing that you ARE One with Source?

    During this Powerful 7 Day Immersion, Omaji and The Council of Light will facilitate your Remembering - Attuning you to the Experience of Oneness with Source.

    Ancient Gifts and Abilities will be unlocked and Activated so that you can be reunited with the aspects of you that already KNOW and already ARE experiencing Divine Oneness: Overflowing Joy, Abundance, Love, and Freedom!

    Register Here

    You already HAVE complete access to everything you’ve been asking for – It is Time to Remember.

vibrational alignment with omaji

Receive Freedom, Harmony, Peace.

"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Omaji