• INTRO: BOOTCAMP in Nonduality   |  Friday, April 25    |  7 - 8:30pm  | Atman Center


    Are you willing to abide in the peace that is your birthright?

    This is an introduction to the BOOTCAMP series intended to prepare and align the group to the realization and recognition of being the dreamer of the dream of separation. It will serve as an introduction for those who are curious about the teaching of A Course in Miracles and will include Vibrational Alignment to set the stage for the dive into the BOOTCAMP series experience.

    Pre-requisite: Receptiveness to the idea that what you perceive on a daily basis is a projection of the mind. Advanced Registration Recommended.

    Cost per person: $22 in advance/$33 at the door.

    Limited spaces available ~ To register in advance, click here.

  • Aligning with Truth   |   Thursday, May 1    |  7 - 8:30pm  | Atman Center

    red spirit art mike bowen

    Awaken Yourself to a New Way of Being during this group session designed to align you with your full potential. Each session is guided uniquely by Spirit, and will be facilitated by Andi Schenbeck, sharing the gift of Vibrational Alignment to assist you in releasing unconscious beliefs and energies that are no longer serving you. Attend relaxed and receptive to what The Divine has in store for you!

    Please bring drinking water and arrive early to honor sacred space.
    Love offering Unlimited~ Please give as you are guided.

    Location: The Atman Center for Transformation, 9365 US 19N, Suite B, Pinellas Park, FL.

  • BOOTCAMP in Nonduality   |   May 2, 9, 16 & 23    |  7 - 9:00pm  | Atman Center


    Shift your awareness to the truth that you are ONE with the Divine.

    This is an unfiltered series for those who are ready to confront ALL of the belief systems that have you perceiving separation. Andi Schenbeck will share new insights and Vibrational Alignment to assist you in moving into the realization of pure nonduality. No belief systems will be off limits!

    This series is only for those who are abundantly willing to let go of attachment to “the world” and the dream of separation. Pre-requisite: Receptiveness and resonance to the teachings of A Course in Miracles and the Disappearance of the Universe.

    Limited spaces available ~ To register in advance, click here.


Receive Freedom, Harmony, Peace.

"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Andi