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  • Awaken to Self Love - Immersion Retreat   | February 12 - 14, 2016    |  St. Pete Beach, FL

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    Receive Downloads, Activations, and Divine Technologies to Awaken Your Capacity for Self Love and Increase your Capacity for Receiving. Omaji will share new technologies and Vibrational Alignment from The Council of Light with the intention of re-establishing your True Concept of Self, and Awakening your full capacity for Self Love and the Freedom that is inherent.

    The energies that are being birthed for this event are off the charts!! It is my JOY and honor to support you in receiving this amazing transformative gift from The Divine!!  You will wonder afterwards, "Where have I been all of this time?" .... because you my friend are about to be REUNITED WITH YOU!   ~ With INFINITE LOVE ~ Omaji

    Feel into the immense transformation this represents for you and for you life!! Will you receive it?

    Register early for special rates and payment options. You are highly encouraged to 'stay on location' with the group to allow for a constant elevation in your vibration that will culminate throughout the event. Location: Sirata Beach Resort , 5300 Gulf Boulevard, St. Pete Beach, FL.

    To Register Click Here.

  • Remember Your True Essence   |  Sunday, February 28    |  3:00 - 5:00pm  | Largo, FL

    INFINITE Capacity Omaji

    You are an extension of Love, Light, Truth Itself. It is time to REMEMBER your True Essence so that the ‘stories’ of ‘something else’ can fall away. They were never true. When you are willing to hold up the substitute versions of you for release, the Truth will remain.

    Allow The Divine to fully support you in the ‘undoing’ of the illusion, so that you can be and know YOU as YOU really ARE.

    Expression of Abundance: $44. *Special* $33 if registered by February 21st.


    Click here to register.


    Location: Smart Sixty Six Office Suites, 12360 66th Street N, Largo, FL.

  • Awaken to a New Way of Being   |   Monday, March 21   |  7 - 8:30pm  | Wings Bookstore

    BeyondIllusion Omaji

    Ride the wave of expansion! What if you could abide in the knowing that you are a perfect extension of Source? Are you ready for the weight of false perceptions to be lifted? Are you ready to experience lightness as a way of being? Will you allow The Divine to expand and align you with the Truth of you? The gift of Vibrational Alignment will be shared during this group session to release limiting energies and miscreated thought so that your current experience can shift from lack to abundance – from fear to love – from illusion to Truth. Will you receive it? Each session is Divinely Guided for those present and will be facilitated by Omaji with the intention of aligning you with your True Self.

    Please bring drinking water and arrive early to honor sacred space.
    Expression of Abundance: $10, $20, $30 or $40 as you are guided from Oneness and gratitude.

    Location: Wings Bookstore, 4500 4th St N in St Petersburg, FL.

Receive Freedom, Harmony, Peace.

"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Omaji