• Self Concept Upgrade   |  Friday, July 25    |  7:00 - 9:00pm  | Atman Center


    Vibrational “Make”over ~ Will you allow yourself to be shifted into the awareness of your magnificence?

    Transcend programs and beliefs of unworthiness and self criticism. Andi Schenbeck will facilitate this Vibrational Alignment session to allow the Divine to shift unconscious patterns and emotional content that are blocking your awareness to your pure Divine essence and your infinite potential.
    When you KNOW your beauty, it will project into your experience. Are you ready to completely love and accept yourself?
    Advanced Registration Required to ensure a seat. To register in advance click here.

    Cost per person: $33.
    Location: 8800 49th Street North. (Suite 402 in the 8800 Office Park complex).

  • BOOTCAMP in Nonduality   |  September 5, 12, 19 & 26   |  7 - 9:00pm  | Atman Center


    Shift your awareness to the truth that you are ONE with the Divine.

    This is an unfiltered series for those who are ready to confront ALL of the belief systems that have you perceiving separation. Andi Schenbeck will share new insights and Vibrational Alignment to assist you in moving into the realization of pure nonduality. No belief systems will be off limits!

    This series is only for those who are abundantly willing to let go of attachment to “the world” and the dream of separation. Pre-requisite: Receptiveness and resonance to the teachings of A Course in Miracles and the Disappearance of the Universe.

    Limited spaces available ~ Advance registration required to ensure a seat. To register in advance, click here.


Receive Freedom, Harmony, Peace.

"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Andi