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Private Vibrational Transformation Intensives

Special Package Offerings for One-on-One Vibrational Transformation Intensives are NOW AVAILABLE

*6 week or 12 week virtual options (includes one 90 minute sesssion per week via phone/skype/zoom... and more)

*AND NOW 3 Day In-Person Intensives!!!!  (3 Day One-on-One In Person "Immersion" experience with Omaji in Encinitas CA)

 -  If you are READY for an incredible ACCELERATION in your Expansion and FREEDOM... THIS is for You!

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Are you Ready to Go Deeper and EXPAND BEYOND? These Intensives are now available for those who are Ready and Willing to Expand and Align with the focused intention of Remembering What you ARE and Living the LIFE you were born to ENJOY.

Are you Ready to Dive Deeper and EXPAND into your INFINITE POTENTIAL?

These Offerings have been Guided to Provide Incredible Shifts for Those who are Willing to ACCELERATE their Expansion into Remembering

Vibrational Transformation Intensive Packages are orchestrated with the focused intention of Remembering What you ARE and Allowing The Divine to lift the veils of illusion.

Sessions offered in these packages will go even deeper and expand outside our current ‘systems’ in order to powerfully transform our perceptions in phenomenal ways – THUS transforming our experience.

For the 6 and 12 Week Virtual Options:
Each session will be 90 minutes and will be recorded so that you can you re-listen as often as you are guided
– inviting your conscious mind to fully relax into receiving and allowing. Sessions will be offered via phone/skype so you can attend from anywhere.

In addition to the Sessions themselves, you will have the opportunity to ask questions between sessions via email allowing for interaction beyond the session itself.

For the 3-Day In-Person Immersion Experience with Omaji:
You will Receive 3 consecutive days of In-person Transformational Intensive sessions in Encinatas, CA going beyond the "normal constructs" as you are Elevated and Aligned to your Highest Potential Timeline and Frequency available to support you in welcoming the most honoring experience moving forward. Be prepared for your relationship with youself and your life to completely transform! if you are traveling from outside of the area, it is recommened that you plan to arrive at least one day before and stay one day after to allow for optimal Elevation and Integration resulting in a more honoring experience.


Included with ALL Transformational Intensive Options:

Omaji will also be supporting you remotely beyond the time together throughout the period of the Intensive. You will start receiving the moment that you sign up.

Additional mp3 recordings of Group Sessions and/or Meditations will be provided throughout the Intensive as guided in order to further support, uplift, and expand.

Option 1
6 Week Vibrational Transformation Intensive
Includes 6 weekly 90 minute phone sessions with Omaji, Remote Energy Support, At least one additional mp3 Recording, and AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SUPERCHARGED Shifts into you HAVING YOU and the Life you were born to ENJOY!

Option 2
12 Week Vibrational Transformation Intensive
Includes 12 weekly 90 minute phone sessions with Omaji, AND an EXTRA BONUS 60 minute follow up phone Session (can be redeemed anytime within 3 months following the Intensive), Remote Energy Support, At least three additional mp3 Recordings, and AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, SUPERCHARGED Shifts into you HAVING YOU and the Life you were born to ENJOY!


Option 3
3-Day In Person Vibrational Transforation Intensive
Includes 3 Days of In Person sessions and support as guided to Transform and Align you to your Highest Knowing and Highest Trajectory Available. This option also includes TWO 75 minute phone sessions, 1 before the 3-Day In-Person Experience to prepare you and 1 after to assist in Elevating and Anchoring even Greater Frequencies and Potentials - Supporting you with Integrating with Grace and Ease. Omaji will also share at least one mp3 recording to support your transition into the NEW you are Welcoming!

If you KNOW this is what you are being called to catapult you into the your BEST Life We WELCOME your YES!

“We are offering these Intensive Transformation Oppotunities at this time to harness the Quantum Leaps in Consciousness and Frequency that are now available - Allowing Divine Love to Elevate you into a much more Honoring Experience of yourself, of your world, and of Life itself! This time is truly unprecedented, and We are Honored to be here at this time to support you in your Elevation into Remembering What you Really ARE!” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light

To reserve the private session package that is best for you, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What to Expect:

Common experiences as result of sessions with Omaji are feeling more peaceful, feeling "lighter", feeling more confident, greater clarity and ease, the release of physical and/or emotional pain, feeling more FREE and circumstances aligning in magical and miraculous ways to mirror a life that is more honoring and in greater harmony.

What People are Saying

"Words can't even begin to describe what it's been like working with Omaji! I recently moved across the country and and transitioned out of my Corporate job full time into my business. I 100% would not have made the leap as soon as I did without having her by my side helping me navigate through the deep fears I had. She has truly shown me that anything is possible, and I can fully trust both myself and Divine. The magic that has unfolded in my life while working together has been nothing short of miraculous. She teaches that there are truly infinite possibilities, and I can say I have fully expanded into a "next level" version of me over the last few months. If you're ready to go bigger in your life and surpass what you think is possible for you, I would highly recommend working with her! She has a very kind, loving, and warm energy. Thank you Omaji for being such a wonderful, amazing, and supportive guide! I'm forever grateful for you and the Council of Light." A.L., California, USA


"Omaji has been such a blessing on my journey in this life.  She stands as a reminder of Truth and the remembrance that all there is is Love.  She helps me to gently shift and release all emotional upset, discord, and illusionary beliefs back into Love.  I feel aligned, reconnected, and conscious of the Love that I am and there is whenever I work with her.  I am truly grateful." T.S., Florida USA


"My session with Omaji was amazing! If you are ready and willing to shift your viewpoint in a loving and gracious way I would recommend a session with Omaji." R.B, England