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Conscious Uncoupling with Omaji and The Council of Light

Special Offering for Couples who are Choosing to Part Ways Consciously and Lovingly

Honoring the Souls’ Journey Together

As we journey together for the Evolution of the Soul and the Remembering of our Divine Truth, it is important to acknowledge and recognize each other from a Higher Perspective of Oneness and Love – especially if our journey has brought us into a “parting of ways” transition into a New Phase.

The Intention for this offering is that it bring each soul into a conscious recognition and Alignment of True Honoring and Liberation of the self and of the soul partner that has shared this phase of the journey – Transitioning with Forgiveness in the Honoring of “What has been” while simultaneously Welcoming the future pathways in Love, Compassion and Freedom.

This Conscious Uncoupling Offering includes:

* Two Individual Sessions for each of the two participants to prepare for the Sacred Ceremony of Liberation, Recognition and Love. Each Individual Session will be approximately 90 minutes in duration and will be a one-on-one private session with Omaji and The Council of Light over the phone or via video conference (4 Private Sessions Total).

* The Sacred Ceremony of Liberation, Recognition and Love – This in-person experience with Omaji will be Divinely Guided and will involve both participants – The Ceremony will include various stages to support the “Tying up of any Loose ends” energetically – So that each can move forward in a True sense of Peace in Gratitude and Love for what has been shared while Open to Welcoming the next phase – Inviting and Aligning with the Highest Trajectories Available for each Soul’s unique path. The duration of the Sacred Ceremony of Liberation is approx. 2 hours, but may extend to as much as 3 hours depending on what is being called forth and how much preparation has already transpired for each soul to fully claim this Liberation from a place of stability and Alignment with Truth. (In person experience offered at a private venue in California USA - Travel and Lodging not included). If in person attendance is not possible, this can also be offered via video conference.

* One Follow up Individual Session for each participant following the Sacred Ceremony of Liberation to support transition into the New, integration and growth- Activations will be shared to Elevate into the next Highest Trajectory Available (after the integration of what is shared in the Sacred Ceremony).  Each Individual follow up Session will be approximately 75 minutes in duration and will be a one-on-one private session with Omaji and The Council of Light over the phone or via video conference.

* Blessed and  Infused Crystal for each Soul to move forward with – Guided and Infused by the Higher Self and Divine Guides to support optimal forward movement in Love and Awareness of Truth of Self. Note that these “gifts” will be Quantum encoded to support each soul in various aspects of the next phase of the journey and beyond.

 * Quantum Remote Healing on a Multi-Dimensional Level throughout the sessions in preparation. Alignment with Highest Potentials and Trajectories, Release of  Old Patterns, Liberation  from any ‘energetic’ burdens,  and Activation and Connection to Higher Self “Knowing” capacities.

Message from Omaji and The Council of Light:

“It is our Highest Intention to support you in harnessing the power and potency of your Potential in this Lifetime in the Highest and Best way for your Greatest Expression and Optimal Remembering. Soul Relationships are a Powerful part of this journey and they serve a vast Higher Purpose with regard to your Evolution and Return to Love – We are grateful for the opportunity to support you in the Alignment with this Divine Perspective and claiming the new as it relates to the evolution of this relationship into a new phase of expression for this incarnation-  Allowing each of you the freedom to explore the unique journey of your soul path, welcoming what is to come in NEW perspectives and liberated frequencies as you each lovingly embark upon new pathways and directions of discovery in the Sovereignty of your Being.”


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