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NEW Ways of BEing for HEALERS and EMPATHS MasterClass Series   | Jan 22 - Feb 26, 2023   |   LIVEstream Global Event

New Ways of Being for Healers and Empaths

Omaji and The Council of Light share Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Attunements and Activations to Facilitate you and your Body Deva in RE-WEAVING your Energetic Grids and Fabric with Ways of BEing that SUPPORT a More HARMONIC Relationship with Self and Others that is Anchored in ONENESS and the LAW of SOVEREIGNTY.

Is it Time for a MORE EMPOWERED and Honoring Experience with Life, Relationships, and Self that is BEYOND the Struggle, Sacrifice and Lack?

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This LIGHTWeaving a NEW Reality MasterClass Series is Designed to ACTIVATE and Actualize Your Potential AS THE MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEING THAT YOU ARE – Supporting to Accelerate the Evolutionary Process as a CONSCIOUS Experience of REMEMBERING What you Have Access to and Providing the OPEN INVITATION if it RESONATES for you to CHOOSE the Upgrade into NEW Ways of BEing.

The FOCUS of this 6 week Offering will include:

*ReWEAVE into “NEW PARADIGMs” of Healing as it Relates to Self and Others.

*UPGRADE Contracts, Agreements and Ways of Being that link into a “Sacrifice” version of Healing (including past lives) – Completion of Energetic “Clean Up” around old Discordant Practices and CoDependent Bundles.

*SUPPORT, Tools and ReWEAVE Processes to EVOLVE Empathic Experiences into a MORE EMPOWERED and Honoring Experience that Actually Supports your OWN EVOLTION and REMEMBERING More of YOU.

*CLARITY around Empathic Experiences and HOW TO NAVIGATE them in an Empowered, Clean, Appropriate Way – linked in with ONENESS and SOVERIEGNTY.

*REMEMBERING of the HIGHER OCTAVE INTERPRETATION Regarding HEALING, Interacting with Others from a Place of Service, and EMPATHIC Experiences.

*MultiDimensional REMEMBERING how to ACCESS MORE of Your RESOURCES
*RETIRE old Agreements and ways of being ‘in Service’ that Function from Separation, Fear, and Lack.

*Demonstrations, Learning and Processes to "Get All of the JUICE" out of what was Being Learned within the 'Challenges' - OPTIMIZING GROWTH and ACTIVATED a DEEPER WISDOM and MASTERY.

*RETRIEVE Your Gifts, Vitality, and Resources BACK to YOU.
…. And So Much More

There will be Opportunities to INTERACT with Us and Ask Questions.

Each Session will be 90 Minutes and will consist of 45 minutes of a Transmission and Teaching and 45 minutes of Interactive Q&A (also the option to share questions ahead of time if you are unable to attend Live).

Will you CHOOSE an Efficient Path into the NEW that IS EMPOWERING and SUPPORTIVE and HONORS you as A BEING OF LIGHT?

"We Come Forward at this Time to SUPPORT the EVOLUTION into ONENESS as an Honoring Experience – AND… Exhilarating (if you Choose that Perspective) to BE REMEMBERING MORE of the Grace, Ease and FLOW that is Your Birthright as you RETIRE the Old Paradigms and Ways of BEing (of old) that ARE BEING GROWN BEYOND. Much of the Old Paradigms of Healing and RElating to Others and to Self Involve a “Sacrifice” based system of win/lose – WHAT IS BEing INvited at this Time is the LIBERATION from those systems and Agreements – Will you Choose to JOURNEY with US BEYOND those Systems, Agreements and Ways of BEing into the Expanded and LIBERATED YOU that LIVES BEYOND that Experience? It is our JOY and Honor to Support you to REMEMBER What is Possible for You.” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light"

This Series of Transmissions with Omaji and The Council of Light provide Remembering, Upgrades, Downloads and Light Codes, Attunements and Activations to Support you in REMEMBERING Your Potential as An Infinite Being BEYOND the Old Paradigms and Limitations of Separation- With GRACE, EASE, AND JOY in a Safe and Supportive Way.

This Virtual Series includes:

* Total of 6 LIVE Sessions - 90 minutes each (minimum) + Audio and Video recording downloads (both formats).

*BONUS Eligibility for Special Future Offerings (see below for more details)

Each Session includes Multidimensional Light Transmissions to support the Activation and Alignment with MULTIDimensional Ways of Being in Relationship to Healing and Empathic Sensitivity (ONENESS TEMPLATES) + Remembering Truth as an Extension of Infinite Source.

Because each session is a MultiDimensional Transmission of Light, it is Layered and it continues to offer support well beyond the first interaction. Each time you listen, you receive more of what is there for you to receive. Each time you interact with the Transmissions, they meet you exactly where you are.

You BEGIN to REceive in the Higher Realms the Moment you Initiate the Energetic Exchange – as you Acknowledge this, you AMPLIFY Your Own Receiving.

These Offerings INCLUDE a SAFE AND SUPPORTIVE Energetic Container that Provides CLEAN, CLEAR and UNDISTORTED SPACE for you to TRANSFORM. You begin Receiving the moment you register and the Energetic Support is also shared throughout (not just during the sessions themselves) - The "Group Energy" that The Council of Light Co-Creates with you exists outside of time - and meets you where you are during your interactions with this series and Beyond.

Will you Welcome the FREEDOM and EMPOWERMENT BEYOND the Old Ways of Experiencing Relationships and Healing (Self and Others)?

May you Choose in Favor of your OWN LIBERATION and HONORING of YOU during this Auspicious Time and BEYOND in an Empowered Way.

Each Transmission will be Uploaded for Download within 2 Hours following the completion of the LIVE Broadcast.

Due to the nature of the Energetic Exchange, the tuition for this Offering is non-refundable.


Through Your Participation in this Series, You Become Eligible to Receive Special Pricing and Options for Private Sessions and Packages AND You also Become Eligible to Enroll in Exclusive Monthly Group Energetic Support Sessions that Will EXPAND on this MasterClass Series and Provide Opportunities for an Interactive Practice and Coaching. (more information coming soon)


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