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Transmissions of Light through LIVE recordings

The LIVE recordings contain the Activations, Attunements and energies that allow you to receive on a multidimensional level each time you listen.
"What can I expect?"
Common experiences are feeling more peaceful, feeling "lighter", feeling more empowered, confident, greater clarity and ease, the release of physical and/or emotional pain, feeling more FREE and circumstances aligning in magical and miraculous ways to mirror a life that is more honoring and in greater harmony.

Omaji shares in collaboration with Enlightened Beings who refer to themselves and The Council of Light, comprised of various Ascended Masters and Benevolent Galactic Light Beings who embody Divine Wisdom, Divine Love, Divine Truth. During a session an energetic bridge is built (from illusion to Truth) and you are invited to cross it (step by step) through a series of Choices/Questions.  At the completion of a session (Live or recorded) there is a greater sense of Peace- distortions/interference that was once vibrating in your field has been harmonized and returned to Love.

“We loving remind you of what your Choices really are, so that you can Choose Now to Align with what is Actually True. As you Align with Truth, it becomes your experience because it will reflect in your world, resulting in Greater Integrity with who you Really ARE. As you release what you are not, What You ARE can be Remembered Fully. It is our JOY and HONOR to Support you in Remembering the Truth of You” ~ Omaji and The Council of Light


Featured Group Sessions and Packages

Unlocking New Ways of Being Series
(6 Sessions -Over 12 hours of Vibrational Alignment plus a Bonus 90 minute recording)
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Are you ready Choose Complete Transformation? What if you could actually Welcome a State of Peace and Harmony?

Receive 6 Full Sessions of Vibrational Alignment, Attunements and Activations to unlock your Infinite Potential and align you with your Highest Potential Soul Path!

Allow The Divine to lift the distortions so you can Be in the FREEDOM of your Truth.

Are you ready to KNOW Freedom and Harmony in all areas of your your life?

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Awaken and Embody New Ways of Being Series Offerings
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Will you Choose to Remember you Infinite Nature?
These series offerings serve to Remind and Align you with the FREEDOM that is your birthright by bridging into New Ways of Being that are in Integrity with Who you Really ARE.
Allow distorted overlays you’ve accumulated throughout lifetimes of experiences of fear, lack and scarcity to dissolve as you RESTORE yourself in the Truth of your BEing.  
These sessions serve to activate your Truth and restore you to your natural state of BEing in the energetic ‘Knowing’ that your source is INFINITE.  Are you ready to take the leap?
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