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Transmissions of Light through LIVE recordings

The LIVE recordings contain the Activations, Attunements and energies that allow you to receive on a multidimensional level each time you listen.
"What can I expect?"
Common experiences are feeling more peaceful, feeling "lighter", feeling more empowered, confident, greater clarity and ease, the release of physical and/or emotional pain, feeling more FREE and circumstances aligning in magical and miraculous ways to mirror a life that is more honoring and in greater harmony.

All of Omaji's Sessions Encourage you to Awaken to and to Embody your Oneness with Source, Your Infinite Sovereign Self and your capacity to Choose from Infinite Possibility. In Collaboration with The Council of Light, your Higher Self and Guides, Omaji and The Beings of Love and Light Supporting the Session hold a Safe and Sacred Space for you to EVOLVE in a Conscious Way, Shifting and Transforming Lifetimes of Vibrational Dissonance including “old programs and patterns” that are no longer serving you, Supporting the Reinterpretation into a Higher Octave of Expression All Relationships with self and others, Gently releasing emotional and energetic trauma, and Restoring Truth on a conscious and unconscious level. Each Session is a MultiDimensional Experience. Sessions are Comprised of Teachings and Transmissions of Light, Activations and Vibrational Alignment to Support your Higher Self and Body Deva's Higher Self to Harmonize, Uplift and Restore in A Way that Is Aligned with Your True Essence as a MultiDimensional Being. As these discordant frequencies and perceptions are transcended, the result is a Greater sense of Empowerment, Freedom, Sovereignty, Peace, Connection to Source, and ALIGNMENT with Your True SELF. Each Transmission provides an Invitation and Opportunity for You to Choose to Shift Yourself if it resonates to do so. All Sessions are in Collaboration with your Higher Self in a Way that Reminds and Empowers YOU to Shift YOU – So throughout the Experience, YOU are in your Power of Choice and simply REMEMBERING what your Choices REALLY ARE – Being Encouraged to Choose in Favor of your Expansion into Greater Alignment with your TRUE ESSENCE as A BEing of LIGHT (if it resonates for you to do so). 


Each Session is a MultiDimensional Layered Offering that Continues to Support you Each time you Engage with the Transmission - It will 'Meet You Where You Are'.


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