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  • BEing in Liberation Series   | June 5 - July 3, 2022   |   LIVEstream Global Event

    LIBERATION LIGHTWeavingNEWReality series

    Omaji and The Council of Light share Upgrades, Transmissions of Light, Attunements and Activations to Support you and your Body Deva in REMEMBERINNG and BEing the FREEDOM that is Innate to as ONE with Source.

    ARE you Willing to DIVE DEEPER into the WELLSPRING of FREEDOM that is Available to you?

    This Series is Designed to Support the retiring of limitation and separation based ways of being that perpetuate the illusions of "not free".

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  • Empowered Energetic Support Sessions   


    Interactive Group Sessions with Omaji and The Council of Light shared with the Intentions of Remembering Greater Empowerment, Sovereignty and TRUTH of ONENESS.

    Each Session will Serve to MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE - Offering Energetic Support for Greater Alignment to your True Self and the INFINITE SUPPLY that is Available to you.

    You can Choose to sign up for just one Group Session, or for the FULL Month which includes 2 Group Sessions. Sessions are 90 minutes (offered through zoom)

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Omaji Symbol5DRemember Your Infinite Nature

"It is my honor to support you in remembering your True Self" ~ Omaji